The Pilgrim of Hate (Chronicles of Brother Cadfael, Book 10) (UK Edition)

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If Death Ever Slept. Options for Murder by the Book by Rex Stout. Murder by the Book. Options for The Adventures of Sally by P. Wodehouse More. The Adventures of Sally. About the Author - Ellis Peters — was the pen name of English novelist Edith Pargeter, author of scores of books under her own name.


Reviews - This entry in Peters's Brother Cadfael series finds the sixteenth-century monk hosting pilgrims who have traveled to Shrewsbury to commemorate the translation of St. Winifred's bones to the Benedictine abbey. The murder of a knight has political implications which reach Cadfael and involve him and some of the pilgrims in a mystery. Stephen Thorne, who has recorded several of Cadfael's adventures from Chivers, skillfully evokes the time and place with a fully voiced performance.

Although the political and historical background presented as conversations in the opening pages results in a slow start, the story, intriguing characters and atmosphere soon captivate the listener. Blackstone Publishing.

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The Pilgrim Of Hate: 10 - AbeBooks - Ellis Peters:

Excessive Checkout Limit Reached. An unexpected error has occurred. Buy it now and help our library WIN! Done in April, it was not soon enough for the nearby farms and asarts to be resettled. The next novel in the series, An Excellent Mystery , details Maud's retreat to Winchester, where she was besieged and routed, and her legendary escape from snowbound Oxford in is mentioned at the start of a later novel, The Confession of Brother Haluin.

here Besides its setting at a crucial moment of the progress of the civil war, this novel ties to events and characters in earlier novels, and sets the scene for those in later novels. The religious festival is keyed on the events of the first novel, A Morbid Taste for Bones , carrying translating the holy relics from Wales to the Abbey.

The son Cadfael never knew he had until their encounter in The Virgin in the Ice returns to him by the chances of the political events. The neutrality of this monk in the political scene is strengthened by the contrast between the two young men now most important in Cadfael's life—his son Olivier and Sheriff Hugh Beringar. Each is aligned for different reasons with opposite sides in this conflict. Not all clerics or monastics in that era were neutral, of course, highlighted by the actions of King Stephen's brother, Henry, Bishop of Winchester.

Library Journal finds rich secondary characters add to the plot:. The celebration of St. Winifred, in The Pilgrim of Hate, is usually a time of great rejoicing at the Benedictine abbey in Shrewsbury. Even in , with the political factions of Empress Matilda and King Stephen engaged in bloody civil war, the faithful come to Shrewsbury to honour the Saint and pray for miracles. Unfortunately, the shadow of a distant murder hangs over the festival. Several weeks earlier in Winchester, a good and loyal knight was foully slain.

The motive for the killing could have been either political or personal, and the murderer may be lurking among the pilgrims. It falls to Brother Cadfael to ferret out the killer. He is curious about two young men who are travelling together to fulfill a bizarre vow. Cadfael cannot rest until he uncovers their story. A colourful cast of well-drawn secondary characters adds richness and depth to a plot that examines joys of faith, as well as the evils of guilt and vengeance. Librarians with long-established audiobook collections should note that both of these titles were originally issued in Thorne voices the large number of characters and accents in each book with precision, making each unique.

Barbara Rhodes, Northeast Texas Lib. This book was first published in the UK in September by Macmillan. Two large print editions were released, one in and the second in The first was a cassette edition in It has been published in other languages besides English.

This episode departs from the novel in significant ways. In this version, a well-aged corpse is found in the baggage of the pilgrims on St. Winifred's day, and its identity, not the murder of a faraway knight, becomes the subject of the mystery.

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Matthew and Ciaran are brothers, pointing fingers as to who is responsible for their father's death. In this adaptation Matthew turns out to be the villain. Crippled Rhun, far from being one of Cadfael's most promising future novices, confirms Father Abbot's suspicions that he is only faking his condition to earn the charity of those around him; his sister Melangell has been forced by guilt to wait on him hand and foot, even stealing to support their needs.

It aired on 28 December , and was the last of Ellis Peters' novels to be adapted for the screen. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Pilgrim of Hate First edition.

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