Randy Bachmans Vinyl Tap Stories

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He moved he started the band the Squires, I was in a band that was to become The Guess Who; we had the only amplifier in town.

So hope you had a mic, a piano, a bass and guitar and then a set of drums. These were the working bands — there were guys dreaming to be working who were in their garages. The drinking age was 21, so if there was a high school dance, there were kids there from 13 to They all intermixed, they all, older chicks would teach the young guys how to dance; it was really like a brother sister family kind of thing.

It was amazing to play a dance. Bachman-Turner Overdrive came out of that. I would sit in the alfalfa weeds and play my guitar outside the school in the playground.

We both got thrown out of the same school. Every time I see David Steinberg, he mentions O. Jewitt who was the principal. According to Bachman, once a band became somewhat established or amassed a following, certain industry people, radio, in particular, were quite willing to lend a hand. There were no Carole Kings — it was just us goofs trying to write our own songs.


Randy Bachman's Vinyl Tap Tour: Every Song Tells a Story

DJs would play your stuff and promote it and kids would come to your dance because you were on the radio. It was really a wonderful, great time. Radio is vastly different, as is the music industry in general. Bachman concurs. They play such a small playlist.

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When I was growing up and you too, same thing — in an afternoon, you never had to change the station. When they had three spare slots every hour, I remember DJs would play their own records that they found on their vacation or their cousin from Germany or England sent them a record from Scotland or something. That was personality. It was just their own music that they discovered and were giving to us kids. Now every station is the same.

Vinyl Tap Archives - Rosemary Keevil, B.J., M.J.

I play my own records; nobody tells me what to play. I have a theme for each show. Hear how after years of dreaming Randy finally got to see his musical heroes, The Shadows, play live, and then got to record a Shadows tribute song with longtime friend Neil Young. Bachman, the founder and main songwriter of two wildly successful rock groups the Guess Who in the s American Woman and Bachman-Turner Overdrive in the 70s Takin Care of Business who has played with everyone from fellow Canadian Neil Young to ex-Beatle Ringo Starr, has great stories to tell in this memoir.

The strength of this entertaining book is that it isn t really a typical rock autobiography it expands on the weekly Sirius XM radio broadcast Randy Bachman s Vinyl Tap, in which Bachman plays music and tells tales based on his own songs or different themes like Randy s 25 Favorite Vehicle Songs.

And the Guess Who would put Canada on the map of global cultural history and the history of rock for all time. Furthermore, Randy reveals the many influences that every other successful English and American artist had on him and his Winnipeg based musical collaborators.

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Randy Bachman is one of very few, if any, important artists in our time that reveals the inner secrets of so many of these great songs — how they came into being — the moments of their conception and so on. If you are a music lover or practicing musician as I am… you will love the sweetness of each and every reveal.

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Randy Bachman: Vinyl Tap Stories

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