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In the Restaurant Foyot, appetites and the eye of Laurent Tailhad, 40, were lost.

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    Yet the compression and simplicity of these stories makes them accessible in a way much modernism is not. He also provokes us into thinking, why do we so often read such long works?

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    • What if all stories, including our own, could be condensed into three lines? Tumble over a cliff in pursuit of a cherished plaything.

      Novels in Three Lines, if Félix Fénéon had written for Billboard Circus News

      Stray into bear territory. Scrape a drunk from the gutter.

      10 Best Opening Lines in Novels

      Ride the airstreams with a winged demigod. Receive a letter from a stranger.

      Daily Dose Pick: Illustrated Three-Line Novels

      Meet a woman with a bite mark on her face. Assume the waters can be stopped. Survive the butterfly invasion. Sell twenty-four copies of dross. Succumb to your drug of choice. Watch helpless at the vanishing of the herd. Imagine the giant horses.