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Unconventional ubiquitin recognition by the ubiquitin-binding motif within the Y family DNA polymerases iota and Rev1. Regulation of translesion synthesis DNA polymerase eta by monoubiquitination. Mitochondria get a Parkin' ticket. Ubiquitin ligase complexes: from substrate selectivity to conjugational specificity. Regulation of epidermal growth factor receptor trafficking by lysine deacetylase HDAC6.

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Nix is a selective autophagy receptor for mitochondrial clearance. Ubiquitin linkages make a difference. Ubiquitin-binding domains - from structures to functions.

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Epidermal growth factor-like domain 7 EGFL7 modulates Notch signalling and affects neural stem cell renewal. NBR1 and p62 as cargo receptors for selective autophagy of ubiquitinated targets. Cell cycle Georgetown, Tex. A role for ubiquitin in selective autophagy. NBR1 cooperates with p62 in selective autophagy of ubiquitinated targets. Journal club. A new ubiquitin chain, a new signal. Targeting the ubiquitin system in cancer therapy.

A role for NBR1 in autophagosomal degradation of ubiquitinated substrates. Ubiquitin-binding motif of human DNA polymerase eta is required for correct localization. Caspase-8 is involved in neovascularization-promoting progenitor cell functions. Inhibitors of apoptosis catch ubiquitin. Cell biology. Going global on ubiquitin. Human Wrnip1 is localized in replication factories in a ubiquitin-binding zinc finger-dependent manner. Ataxin-2 associates with the endocytosis complex and affects EGF receptor trafficking. Atypical ubiquitin chains: new molecular signals.

Ubiquitin docking at the proteasome through a novel pleckstrin-homology domain interaction.

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Proteasome subunit Rpn13 is a novel ubiquitin receptor. An ultrasensitive sorting mechanism for EGF receptor endocytosis. Childhood of a phoenix: modern biology in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.

Novel markers of normal and neoplastic human plasmacytoid dendritic cells. Signal processing by its coil zipper domain activates IKK gamma. Requirements for the interaction of mouse Polkappa with ubiquitin and its biological significance.

Suppressor of T-cell receptor signalling 1 and 2 differentially regulate endocytosis and signalling of receptor tyrosine kinases. E3-independent monoubiquitination of ubiquitin-binding proteins.

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Malfunctions within the Cbl interactome uncouple receptor tyrosine kinases from destructive transport. Flt3-dependent transformation by inactivating c-Cbl mutations in AML. Role of ubiquitin- and Ubl-binding proteins in cell signaling. Ubiquitin hubs in oncogenic networks. Ubiquitin and NEDD8: brothers in arms.

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Targeting ubiquitin in cancers. Ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like proteins in cancer pathogenesis. EGFR trafficking: parkin' in a jam. Reading protein modifications with interaction domains. Assays to monitor degradation of the EGF receptor. CYLD in ubiquitin signaling and tumor pathogenesis. Regulation of ubiquitin-binding proteins by monoubiquitination. A clinoptilolite effect on cell media and the consequent effects on tumor cells in vitro. Ubiquitin-binding domains in Y-family polymerases regulate translesion synthesis.

Cbl promotes clustering of endocytic adaptor proteins. The Cbl interactome and its functions. CIN85 regulates the ligand-dependent endocytosis of the IgE receptor: a new molecular mechanism to dampen mast cell function. Journal of immunology Baltimore, Md. Ubiquitylation and cell signaling.

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Polo-like kinase 1-mediated phosphorylation stabilizes Pin1 by inhibiting its ubiquitination in human cells. Deregulation of cell growth and malignant transformation. Oncogenic breakdowns in endocytic adaptor proteins. Compartmentalization of growth factor receptor signalling. Molecular responses to acidosis of central chemosensitive neurons in brain. Implication of phospholipase D2 in oxidant-induced phosphoinositide 3-kinase signaling via Pyk2 activation in PC12 cells.

Cargo- and compartment-selective endocytic scaffold proteins. ALIX-ing phospholipids with endosome biogenesis. Journal name:. Subject area:.

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