Introduction to molecular-microsimulation of colloidal dispersions

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    Introduction to Molecular-Microsimulation for Colloidal Dispersions, Volume 17 - 1st Edition

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    Serantes, D. Regime of aggregate structures and magneto-rheological characteristics of a magnetic rod-like particle suspension: Monte Carlo and Brownian dynamics simulations. Dependence of the regime change in particle aggregates on the composition ratio of magnetic cubic particles with different magnetic moment directions.

    Quasi-2D Monte Carlo simulations of the regime change in the aggregates of magnetic cubic particles on a material surface. Monte Carlo simulations on phase change in aggregate structures of ferromagnetic spherocylinder particles. Control of the orientational characteristics of disk-like hematite particles by a simple shear flow.

    Application of the hybrid-type method of Brownian dynamics and lattice Boltzmann to magnetic particle suspensions.