Functional metallosupramolecular materials

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Rudy J Wojtecki , Michael A. Meador , Stuart J Rowan. Ronald R. Dendrimers designed for functions: from physical, photophysical, and supramolecular properties to applications in sensing, catalysis, molecular electronics, photonics, and nanomedicine. Design, synthesis, and study of main chain poly n-heterocyclic carbene complexes: applications in electrochromic devices. Adam Bradley Powell , Christopher W.

2016 LIVRO Mohsen Shahinpoor Ionic Polymer Metal Composites (IPMCs) V. 2

Bielawski , Alan H. Layer-by-layer synthesis of metal-containing conducting polymers: caged metal centers for interlayer charge transport. Luminescence oxygen sensor based on a ruthenium II star polymer complex. Sarah J. Ulrich S.

Functional Metallosupramolecular Materials

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In this chapter we will explore the wide range of functions that proteins containing metal ions are involved in to provide us with inspiration on what can potentially be achieved. This will include the role of zinc ions as an example of a specific ion followed by examination of enzymatic reactions of non-haem-oxygenases and binuclear metallohydrolases, as well as porphyrin-containing proteins and the use of the latter in transport.


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We will then look at the use of metal ions in the formation of materials such as silks, amyloids, and mussel byssus and glue. AB - Nature provides us with great inspiration for the development of new materials and molecules by showing us the breadth and range of possibilities that can be achieved.

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Home Research Research Explorer Publications Interaction of metal ions with proteins as a source of inspi Interaction of metal ions with proteins as a source of inspiration for biomimetic materials Citation formats Authors: Andrew M. Overview Citation formats.