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Cisco Security Agent utilizes a unique architecture that correlates behavior occurring on the end systems by monitoring clues such as file and memory access, process behavior, COM object access, and access to shared libraries as well as other important indicators. Cisco Security Agent is the first book to explore the features and benefits of this powerful host IPS product. Divided into seven parts, the book provides a detailed overview of Cisco Security Agent features and deployment scenarios.

Part I covers the importance of endpoint security.

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Part III addresses agent installation and local use. Part V covers advanced Cisco Security Agent analysis features.

Part VII presents additional installation and management information. Whether you are evaluating host IPS in general or looking for a detailed deployment guide for Cisco Security Agent, this book will help you lock down your endpoint systems and prevent future attacks. While the product is considered a great tool, its proper deployment in an enterprise is non-trivial. While the books organization is not quit elegant it leaves the planning and implementation process to the last part while address advanced concepts earlier on , its comprehensive content on the subject makes it a useful book all the same.

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The seven part book makes the case for Cisco Security Agent or any endpoint security solution for that matter in the first part, addresses the CSA architecture in the second and describes the agent installation as well as issues with the local agent in the third. Monitoring and reporting was handled in fourth part while the fifth part addresses CSA analysis in deployment.

The author developed policies, implementation and CSA maintenance in part six while the last part appendixes addresses integration with other Cisco technologies.

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Chad's narrative while pedestrian provides ample guidance and example to appeal to an enterprise security administrator in a concise manner thereby compressing what could potentially have been a page manual into a less than pages. Also the overall style of the presentation bellies Chad's breadth of experience as a network security subject matter expert.

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Given the state of enterprise information systems security today, a typical enterprise will need a combination of tools to achieve a secure pasture and this book by Chad Sullivan as well as the Cisco NAC appliance book he helped co-write are very useful guides for organizations planning to develop or deploy a robust and holistic end-point control solutions. While the book is dated , I'll still recommend it as a buy even though I expect an update in the near future. January 9, - Published on Amazon. If you have been tasked with learning CSA configuration, management and deployment, this is a great still a great resource.

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I do have to say that it is very out of date. This book uses CSA 4. CSA 6 is the latest version and is where the most changes took place.

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  6. The theory behind the book and architecture is still sound. The book is a valuable resource, but the reader needs to know that they cannot take all statements in the book at face value. Some parts reference retired or discontinued Cisco products, so when reading this book please double-check everything!

    If you are a new administrator this book alone will not be sufficient, you will need to work with a trainer or someone who has already configured and managed this product.

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