Being modern in Iran

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Welcome sign in sign up. Khatami often seemed to be reading from a different script altogether.

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Why, then, when the President had finished and sat cross-legged among the other dignitaries, was he loudly cheered, with female students holding up his photograph, their male counterparts bellowing his name? The first is the need felt by Mr. Khatami to play down the potential that he has to change Iran dramatically. His stated goals of democratic accountability and the rule of law in a civil society may seem bland.


Being Modern in Iran

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View cookies policy. Islamic Studies In fact, I won't dare do that," said one Tehran shopkeeper in his 20s. But I prefer to say nothing, to keep my head on my neck.

In deeply religious parts of the country, like Qom and Mashhad, many young men and women remain stalwart supporters of the ideals of the Islamic Revolution. But in Tehran, where the success of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini's rebellion in was the catalyst for sweeping change across the country, younger generations seem to be drifting away from conservative religious and political sentiment.

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Young people born to the children of the revolution often refer to themselves as the "burned generation". They say economic circumstances for them are so bleak, the hope for prosperity that came with Khomeini's revolt is little more than historical record. For them, the revolution anniversary is a reminder of their tough financial times. Maybe I'm a shame to some guys who are fans. But everyone has their own thing to do and no one can force anyone Toggle navigation.

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Youth grappling with economic, cultural hurdles in modern Iran Iran's young people speak nostalgically of a more liberal time before the revolution, the Iran they have never seen. Millions to mark 40th anniversary of Iranian revolution What will Iran sanctions mean for life in the Islamic Republic? Child labour in Iran: can laws help them?